“Same old same old” is in our minds

There is no such thing as same old same old

Each sunrise is new

Each cloud is new

Each flower is new

Each bird chirping is new

Each breath is new

We know this but we don’t KNOW this.

We find ourselves grumbling about rolling out of bed on a Monday (or a Tuesday as the case may be).

We say things like, “Same shit different day.”

We answer how we are with, “Same old, same old.”

And then we make it come true.

We make that day, that hour, that minute the same shit.

We don’t change how we react to comments or events – we let the same people and words get under our skin.

We don’t change our activities – maybe you say you want to exercise more but won’t take the stairs. img_7518

We don’t change how we relate to each other and the world – when’s the last time you SOUGHT OUT to have an interaction with someone different than you?

We don’t change.

Of course the “same old same old” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It happens on our yoga mat as well. We want the same instructor. We want the same kind of postures (how many times have you said “I need pigeon in every class!”)?

Hell, many of us want the SAME SPOT in the room!

Yoga teaches us to be present in this very moment; to open ourselves to the fullness within each moment; …

To appreciate and be awake to each moment, feeling, sensation, thought, belief.img_7520

We adopt an attitude of beginner’s mind and embrace every new and unique aspect of each moment, each experience, each person! We transform our relationship even with the familiar to appreciate nuances of growth, change, aging and endings.

We live in acceptance of  the now, as it is, in love with the opportunity to live it.

Let’s change the story we are telling ourselves and others.

There is no such thing as same old same old.


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