Student Profile: Amy Henderson

Name: Amy Henderson

Pronoun: They

When did you start coming to Just B Yoga? November 2017

What attracted you? My friend Nikki encouraged me to try it out.

Why did you begin practicing yoga? I knew I needed to get off my couch. Having a bilateral knee replacement, I was curious if could do it.

What’s your favorite class & why? Yoga 2eXceL

Do you have favorite teachers? Belinda, of course!

What’s your favorite and least favorite postures and why?

Fave: Fish. I love the stretch I get in my neck and back.

Least fave: Pigeon. It’s difficult for me to do with my knees not being flexible.

What is yoga to you? (exercise, meditation, community, spirituality…. more)

Exercise. It’s good for my mind and body.

How has yoga surprised you?

Doing yoga has allowed me to get off blood pressure medication and has gotten rid of type 2 diabetes.

What are you working on right now in or through your practice?

Becoming more flexible and working on balance.

Have you seen your practice impact the rest of your life? If so how?

Yes! I am conscious of my breathing. I find myself getting upset with everyday life, and when I do some deep breathing, it helps to relieve the stress.

How do you feel your yoga helps you serve others?

I love the class because it’s an hour to just let go of everything. Before yoga, I would just go off on people. LOL

Now I’m a lot more chill with life in general. I would love to get to be a certified teacher at some point and teach others that have had knees replaced.

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