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The deep freeze as a practice

As I was posting on Facebook that the studio would be closed again today I was reflecting on patience and surrendering to what is. These past few weeks have pitted man versus nature. We know nature will always win, but man often refuses to tap out on the mat. As though that’s a sign of

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Donation-based yoga doesn’t mean cheap or discount

Caller: “Hi, how much are your classes?” Me: “We’re a donation-based studio. Our suggested donation is $8 per class. Some people give less, some more depending on their circumstance.” Caller: “Oh, so it’s free then?” Me: (Pause) Sigh. Three years ago, I had no idea what Just B Yoga would become. Call it an experiment,

What is a yoga body?

Yoga is definitely good at bringing out body-image issues. There’s nothing like a magazine cover photo of someone with their body folded in half or twisted in an apparent knot to make us turn our gazes away from our own bodies. I can’t wear that. I can’t put my foot there. My belly will be

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Our studio exists because of donations and support from the community. We believe yoga should be affordable and accessible to all. Please consider supporting our mission:

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