Teacher workshop: Yoga and pregancy, July 26

What to Expect when Your Yoga Student is Expecting

Teaching yoga to pregnant studentsJuly 26, 1 – 3 p.m.


Yoga is frequently recommended as a form of exercise for pregnant women.  While many women may choose to begin a prenatal yoga class, some women, who already have a yoga practice and attend a class regularly, may want to continue with what they are doing.

As teachers, it can be challenging to have a pregnant student in the class. You may worry if what you are instructing is appropriate or safe for your student.  You also may not know the special considerations you need to take for your pregnant student.  It is important to provide a suitable and secure environment for her to continue her practice.

This workshop will equip you for those challenges.
This workshop will provide yoga teachers with guidelines and modifications that you can provide pregnant students who may come to your class. It will give you an overview of the stages of pregnancy and the changes they bring to the physical body and how these changes may affect a woman’s practice.  It will give you an understanding of practicing yoga while pregnant and give you the confidence to instruct a woman who is pregnant in a “mainstream” class.   It will also give you an insight into when a class is appropriate and not appropriate.

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