Thank you feels so inadequate

Thank you feels so inadequate.

So let me share the events since yesterday in order to bring home a lesson in faith and gratitude that has been my reality the last 24 hours.

I humbly or not so humbly posted in an email and on our blog that the studio is in a financial drought. We suffered huge drops in attendance over the summer (that is usual) that did not recover with the return of students and school (that is unusual). The drop hit us hard because expenses are fixed and the nest egg cushion is exhausted.

At 2:41 p.m. I hesitantly posted our situation because it is serious. We need to be able to pay rent and teachers and eat.

Student John Bolan left a prayer for us recently.
Student John Bolan left a prayer for us recently.

We posted this on our Facebook wall around 6 p.m.:

“Faith and gratitude.

Within an hour of posting our need a call came through for a sizable group project contract.

So far we’ve had 23 people make donations, some have never been to the studio, several live out of state.

In the last hour we also learned of another huge teaching opportunity .

THANK YOU for the outpouring of positive words and energy, the financial and moral support and encouragement that this practice has meaning in Lansing.”


Ingham County Community Mental Health bought a pack of classes for their clients.

A response from a friend after I texted about the news: “That’s amazing!!!!! Do you ever think that the answer is finally surrendering to the need for help? I do.”

In total so far you all have contributed just over $3,000 toward Just B Yoga in donations and class purchases in 24 hours.

The increments are as low as $2 (all we asked for) to $200. I saw names of old friends, folks I have never met or taught yoga to and regular students.

We received notes like:

Just B Yoga mats seen from above at the Farmers Market at the Capitol last Friday.
Just B Yoga mats seen from above at the Farmers Market at the Capitol last Friday.

“With all the love in the world! This community needs you and the wonderfulness you bring to it.”

“Keep up the good work! I appreciate your commitment to Lansing.”

“I’ve never been to your studio but I really like what you are doing. I hope you can keep it up!”

“Even though I haven’t been to a class recently I appreciate all the wisdom I have learned from B and her instructors! I think of Lacey’s soothing voice every time I do legs up the wall or child’s pose after a run.”


On top of this, students have reached out to offer marketing and business development help! (We are scheduling those meetings as I type!)

They are posting across social media plans to bring friends to class.

They are volunteering to distribute fliers and schedules.


And this is the point. We want to teach. We want to share practice to help our neighbors find sustainable health in body and mind. We want folks to know their pocketbook is not a deterrent to practice – not at our studio.

The money raised so far will go toward paying teachers and the bills.

But it will also allow us to pay for printing of some new marketing materials (we cut that in the budget earlier this year), renew our local GLCVB membership (and attend helpful business, networking and marketing seminars with the membership) and prepare for the increased costs of winter.

We are hitting the drawing board for our long-term plan toward sustainability. With the help you’ve provided we are well on our way with a little less fear and a lot more confidence.

Sending thank-you notes to contributors.

We could still use your help. We had a goal of $2 for every Facebook like on our wall. We are at 60% of that goal. If you can help us with even some pocket change, we promise to put it to good use sharing yoga, tai chi and meditation with our community.

I shared with my partner early this morning over breakfast that asking for help is one of my huge fear and hesitancy spaces, but what is even bigger, is my willingness to receive the help I ask for. This is my practice. It’s mandatory now. Your outpouring has made it so.

Community. Collaboration. Collectivity.

We are Just B Yoga.



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