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I teach yoga, own a yoga studio and I’m my own web and returning visitor pie chart

I found myself checking out Conduit Mobile this morning and briefly entertaining creating my a Just B Yoga mobile app and that took me to my analytics. Gotta check the patterns of my people before I dive into creating an app, right? (after a reviewing the analytics a little bit I decided not to spend $50 a month on the app)

But then I got to play.

I love analytics!

I get to see the patterns of the people who come to my site and it lets me make sure you’re getting the information you want.

I get to see the toys you use.

This morning I decided I would share what I see about you in my Google Analytics.

I pulled analytics from the beginning of, September 2010. (Previously I had the JustB blog on a site without its own domain).

It’s been interesting to watch the visitors, page views, referrals and search traffic rise over the timeline.

We’ve had more than 56,000 visitors in three years (131,748 unique pageviews). You stay on the site on average 3-4 minutes. You go to about three pages on very visit. About half of you are new visitors and half are returnees.

But it’s also fun to see where you are and what you use and the content you engage in.


where are you2


46% of you are from Lansing.

12% are from East Lansing. Very interesting in a college town.

Does that mean Michigan State University students don’t know that Just B Yoga exists? I gotta chew on that one.

The rest of the rag tag crew is from everywhere. Chicago. Detroit. New York. Alaska (Hi Linda Thai!)

I consider my Texas journalism and tai chi ties and Anika Fassia, a former Just B Yoga teacher, our Austin lurkers.


browser new

Am I the only one who finds it interesting it’s about a four-way tie on the browsers? Glad to see Chrome climbing up the ranks. And what the heck is Amazon Silk?

I use all but Explorer. I use multiple browsers for different things, primarily to test the site in all of them to make sure it works well. No matter what browser you use, I want you to find us (55% of new visits came from search) and have the site work well.

I find Firefox my preferred browser of choice, however. Who doesn’t love a fox? (What does the fox say? Sorry, had to.)

PC or MAC?

windows v mac

We knew that had to be the case, right? Windows wins. For now.


You guys are on the move! 43% of you come to our site using a mobile device. Please don’t look us up while driving. Practice mindfulness and wait to park.just b yoga mobile traffic

Hand’s down, the iPhone OS wins. But we love those of you still using your BlackBerries. We mourn with you and will tell you how you can get an iPhone for cheap if you sell your soul to AT&T.

Speaking of AT&T.


just b yoga service providersComcast runs things in mid-Michigan, plain and simple.

CONTENTjust b mural small

The Just B Yoga site isn’t a typical yoga studio site. We have info on the classes, etc, but it’s chock full of other “stuff.” The blog, videos, photos, and more. We don’t really write a lot about the physical yoga stuff – how to get into a pose, the sanskrit or history of an aspect of yoga. We write about our community, our garden, our students, our neighbors.

Maybe it’s too busy. I’ll be taking a look at that in 2014. If you have suggestions on how to make it better, content you’d like to see more or less of, leave us a comment below.

Here’s what you engage in most on

1. Homepage

2. Schedule

3. Class Descriptions

4. Contact Us

5. Blog

On the blog, here’s the top posts:

What’s in a name: What to call yoga for bigger bodies, Jan. 15, 2013

Kim Lewis: Emerging from a rough patch, Aug. 7, 2012IMG_9089 - Version 2

Peel away the layers at an inner city yoga studio, Sept. 22, 2011 (about safety and perception in South Lansing)

It’s time, June 26, 2012, (the day I retired as a journalist and invested in Just B Yoga full-time)

What’s it all mean?

We’re just a yoga studio in south Lansing, literally on the other side of the railroad tracks.

We’d like our website reflect our community and tell our story accurately and authentically.

We want people to find us and ultimately come take classes with us and spread the word.

The data pulled from the Google bots shows us the stuff you use and what you click.

But deeper than that, the analytics confirm you’re all:


on the go;

and engaged.

We hope our site, our mission and our practice connect with you.

Thanks for visiting We hope to see you at the studio some time. And seriously, share any thoughts about our site and how to make it better.




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