The Full Circle Ranch

The work on the Full Circle Ranch in Potterville was tough and dangerous but the company and the purpose and the connection was nourishment for the soul. I was frozen to the bone by the end of the day but warm in my heart.And that's what it was all about, a full circle of life. Winter releasing its grip for spring. New life emerging in the bounce and kick of young kid goats. The end of a cycle for well-cared for cattle. And human spirits rejoicing at the sweet smell in the air and the togetherness of community.

I had the honor and privilege to spend Sunday afternoon at the Full Circle Ranch in Potterville, Michigan.

The owners are Karen and Manuel Ibarra. Karen is my friend Anna’s mom. I’ve adopted these folks as my own folks.

Full Circle Ranch, Karen and Manuel Ibarra, Potterville, MI

Full Circle Ranch goats Cashmere in the making! It's always about the yarn for me 🙂

We had a full day of cattle wranglin’, knee-high mud-poop steppin’, kid huggin’ and straw tossin’.

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