The Just B Yoga neighborhood: Moores Park concert in the park

I’m so excited for tonight. The city’s “Concert in the Park” series kicks off in the Just B Yoga backyard in Moores Park.IMG_6469

I firmly believe yoga studios should be in neighborhoods and reach out to those around them and be a part of the activities, the upkeep, and the progress. We are in south Lansing, a huge swath of the city that often gets a bad rap. But I’m here to tell you, awesome things are here and this kind of event lets us show off our stuff and strut a bit!


The concert features our own neighborhood band,  the Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle (LUVS). There IMG_6479will be our neighborhood diner, Good Truckin’ and the neighborhood youth art center, REACH.  There will be crafts for kids, vendors and even a tour of the historic swimming pool (built in 1922!). 

We are going just to go, to enjoy and just be. We might have a few schedules in our back pockets but the point is we are not there to market or to sell. We want to connect.

We are riding over to the park around 7:15 p.m. on our bikes and rolling out blankets for a picnic dinner and music. We look forward to chatting it up with neighbors and making new friends.

We encourage any and all Just B Yoga students to come out and see what’s in our backyard.

Walk or bike. Parking is at a premium.IMG_6608

It’s on Moores River Drive a little west of the studio.

This park has been home to a lot of Just B Yoga events. We’ve held our Thursday night Tai Chi classes there. We’ve held our Sunday meditation classes there at the labyrinth.

We even held a fall festival, a retreat at home, at the park a few years ago. We did yoga, drumming, food and washed away a mandala. We wanted to emphasize that we don’t have to go far away to find peace and serenity. We should find it at home. We can make it at home. Peace and serenity should be at home!


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