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I cried as I posted news about Haiti on our news web site. Please follow my friend John Torres, a reporter who is in Haiti. He's posting on Twitter.

Writing hasn’t come easy for me since the loss of my grandmother. I haven’t wanted to write. I haven’t had a thought inspiring me to write.

So here’s my first post of 2010. It’s not much. Just an accounting of time, activities and thoughts and maybe it will kick start my muse. Maybe I have something to share.

  • Being responsible for someone’s final wishes is a huge responsibility. I never fully appreciated it until the time came.

  • Creating a multimedia tribute to someone demands more time than is available so the creative me could not be satisfied with the end product. But it was also a very healing exercise to construct a slideshow/DVD. See the slideshow here.

  • I never took time off of teaching yoga throughout the bereavement. There are some classes I don’t remember teaching at all.

  • Life at work didn’t stop. In fact I think it sped up to a new level of insanity. So it felt like slogging out of the slow, muddy mires of grief into hyper-speed. Unreal.

  • I’m beginning a new yoga teaching schedule at Hilltop Yoga including a Tuesday 7 a.m. and I’m on a Sunday advanced class rotation. And I begin a new beginners tai chi this weekend.

  • I’m preparing to teach a class on the Hilltop yoga retreat: “Circles. Cycles. Slipstreams.” “Yoga flow is more than just moving from one posture to another. It’s finding the seamless connections to create fluidity and roundness. Circulation. Cycles. Circles. This vinyasa class will focus on tapping into the slipstream of your own energy for a vibrant and connected asana practice.”

  • Preparing to do my taxes. I’m hoping for a lot of $$.

  • Tears still come in nearly every yoga practice as I get real with myself on my mat. I reflect on family history, things unforgiven and love forsaken. More tears. I reflect on cycles broken and self-affirmation. More tears.
  • The new Lansing City Market opened. I’m happy to see old friends. But I miss some who aren’t there and I don’t know if I like the new facility that much.


  • I met my friend Blaize’s son this week. Zolly. He’s 6 months old and had a thing for me so naturally I had a thing for him. His exuberance for life is infectious, pure, uninhibited and innocent.

    Blaize and Zolly

  • I cried as I posted news about Haiti on our news web site. Please follow my friend John Torres, a reporter who is in Haiti.  He’s posting on Twitter. The last few news stories I’ve cried over? Barack Obama’s election. Michael Jackson’s passing. And I’ve been in the business 18 years.

  • My Facebook status this morning: Woke up in a warm bed. I’m well fed, clothed and accessorized. I’m of healthy body, mind and spirit. I see clearly. I must remain humble and grateful.

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