When the yoga student becomes the teacher

Thanks to Dana Chase, a student of the studio who hasn’t been able to practice very much lately.

She’s been volunteering to clean the studio, however.

Because she isn’t at the studio as often we suggested that she didn’t need to clean and we could get someone else to do it.

She wouldn’t hear of it.IMG_9974
“After all, if yoga is a practice, then why can’t cleaning be considered yoga?” she wrote.

“I get that wonderful space all to myself. It’s quiet. I do what I can and nothing more. It’s fine. Plus — go ahead and poke fun — but I abhor mops and prefer to wipe the floor by hand, mostly bent over in a deep stretch moving side to side. Is that not yoga as well?
Also, I was listening to a “Health through Relaxation” CD on the way home from cleaning today. One of the questions on that CD was “Do you do things for others with no expectation of return, just for the joy of giving?”

I could answer “Yes” for today. That means that this service is healing for me. ”

Thank you Dana, for teaching us a valuable lesson in acceptance and sharing.

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