Why teach yoga for free?

Yoga has inspired me to explore the definition of community and sangha, the foundation of my asana practice and the possibilities of my heart. Some popular yoga studios can leave you empty, confused and in doubt about the depth of yoga. Are you there for a posture contest? Is it supposed to be a popularity club or high school clique? The intentions of Patanjali’s sutras are lost in the chic sheen of fashionable yoga, tweety bodies and trendy accessories.

Some have asked me why I’m starting a free weekly community classs instead of investing in a paid class. They’ve wondered about the amount of time, energy and resources I can afford to put into an activity that won’t bring any return on investment (financially).

Honestly, I don’t know what the long haul holds. Maybe I’ll hit the wall, but so far, in my bones, it doesn’t feel that way.

If anything the journey has been good for my own practice of yoga and life.

Give Back. Community. Sangha.

I grew up in D.C. I was underprivileged but amply blessed. I was blessed with education. I was kept out of trouble and off the streets with constructive activities. And every mentor/sage/angel was adamant along the way – give back to your community. Remember what was given to you. Remember to do the same.

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