Yoga Bike Party

Friday Just B Yoga was a destination on the weekly Lansing Bike Party trip.

Every Friday about 50 cyclists (with a lot of sweet bikes) travel around town exploring new trails, businesses and adventures. June 5, they chose Just B Yoga!

Photos below by Roxanne Frith:














































I’ve had an affinity for bicycles since I was a wee lass. I grew up in D.C. My mom only had a bike when I was born. She got a car when I was 8. I can remember riding around on the back of the Raleigh she had in the kid seat.

I’ve ridden single track mountain bike trails, city streets, and suburban trails. I even lived for nearly two years car-free in the early 2000s.

I made it a point to have a bike rack at the yoga studio and try to encourage folks to take alternative modes of transportation to the studio. So to have the Lansing Bike Party want to come visit Just B Yoga really warmed my heart.

(Our very own Oren Kennedy was the 1,000th rider in the party! SEE VIDEO)


Lansing Bike Party Yoga photos

Tim Potter: Bike Yoga photos

Lansing Bike Yoga photos

Video: Bike Party heads to Just B Yoga


I met the group at the Avenue Cafe on Michigan Avenue. I rode the bike there with my sidekick Karma, running alongside.

We rode to the studio via Jerome, then Shiawassee (passing the Chili Cookoff), to Capitol, to Washington to the studio!

They did a little tour of the grounds (parking was at a premium, let me tell you!)

Then I chatted it up with the group about our mission and all that we offer and our gratitude that they wanted to explore us.

Then we went to Potter Park and did some Bike Yoga! (Maybe we should put it on the schedule)


I put together a sequence that can be done on the bike or with the bike to lengthen out body parts that can get tight from riding (hands, wrists, neck, low back, quads, hamstrings).

It was so much fun to be in the open air in a huge grassy field with a crowd all on different kinds of bikes with amazing people attached to them. All walks of life. Connected through the wheels and the spoke and the desire to build community.

The evening was topped off with dinner at Swagath Indian Cuisine off Trowbridge. We were treated to a buffet dinner just for us. It was a bike takeover of the restaurant, graced with the presence of a 90-year-old woman who used to race single-speed bikes after WWII!

This is yoga. Connecting with community. Participating, sharing, finding our common ground and appreciating our contributions.

We thank everyone for their participation and support of the studio. We will be joining you for future rides for sure!

Om Shanti. Keep rolling.


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