Yoga superheros save the day for Jack the Cat

Around 9 a.m. this morning we put out a call to action to help a neighbor, Aaron, pay for an emergency surgery for his cat Jack.

Yoga Call to Action: Help Save Jack The CatIMG_3293

Jack had emergency surgery at the MSU Vet Clinic last night for an obstructed urethra (uncomfortable!!) and had to stay overnight.

The total bill is $1,116.34IMG_3288

So far you have donated $225. Most of the contributions have come from the Lansing area but some have come from Saginaw and even Texas!

“This is to go toward Jack’s medical fees. Thank you so much for helping Aaron and Jack!!”

“For Jack The Cat! Wish it could have been more. :(“

“Please donate this money toward Jack the Cat’s emergency medical bills.”

Then a MIRACLE HAPPENED!angel_light_googleimages

About an hour into the campaign a benefactor emerged who wants to pay the balance after whatever the community donates! The angel does not wish to be named publicly.

What a blessing!

And what a huge relief to Aaron, who is a substitute teacher making $10/hr.

(All photos and video clips taken by Emily Dryzga)

It started with my friend and partner Emily getting a call from a friend in Wisconsin saying her friend Aaron, also in Lansing, needed a ride to an emergency vet. Emily dropped everything last night to go to take Aaron and Jack to the MSU vet clinic. She stayed with him last night through is diagnosis and admission. Aaron was quite distressed over whether he could afford the procedure and it certainly wasn’t anything to euthanize Jack for. This morning Just B Yoga decided to ask the community for help.

I want to extend my gratitude to a community that has never failed to answer the call to help a neighbor in need.

I bow to you all for wanting to help a stranger and his cat. You connected – yoked with us – to make a difference for two lives. You inspire us about the potential for good we contain as a community.

This is yoga off the mat.

This is yoga in action.




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