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Cats United for Tiki Cat 2009

Cats the world over protest and riot in reaction to news there will be no more Tiki Cat cat food. Write your pet store owner, legislator, astronaut. Join the Facebook fan page. If you’re not a part of the solution you ARE the problem.

Ruminating on my yoga home practice

I’ve not been able to get myself onto my mat in my home in any consistent manner. The pulse of a room is maybe too attractive, seductive and convenient? Maybe my yoga has become more social than internal?

Diary of an urban yoga warrior

I gave myself a yoga exploration retreat in New York on the cheap (kinda). I’m still digesting the depth of the education. I am changed and changing because of the experience.

It’s called a practice, not a perfect

We all will have to pay more than just taxes to turn back climate change and decrease carbon emissions. We’ll have to change lifestyles, transportation dependencies, entertainment habits – a lot. We will have to PRACTICE living in a wholesome, healthy and healing way for this planet.

Sesame Street yoga

Sesame Street had taught me about open mindedness and playfulness. Music and movement. Kindness and compassion. Yoga!

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