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Buy this water NOW!

Boxed water is better! Really it is. If you’ve seen this already, that’s cool. But I just found it and I want to shout it for everyone to hear. The story behind my introduction to Boxed Water was me running after a guy in the Nuthouse bar at lunch last week. I think he thought

Healing Garden in Lansing

I’m not usually a fan of hospitals and western medicine in general. But I have to give all kinds of props to Sparrow Hospital’s Healing Garden. For almost four years I’ve heard of a meditation garden or maze at Sparrow. I even called about it once or twice and never seemed to get anyone on

Get your head out of the game

Listening “Get your head out of the game and just feel what you are feeling.” It’s wonderful how the lessons of  yoga are inside of  us all along. I often state this phrase or something like it while teaching asana. I’m meaning it on a physical and internal level. In Downward Facing Dog or Uttanasana

Front of mind? The cries I hear from the earth

I know most of anything we can do as individuals regarding the BP oil disaster is ground-level stuff. But I want to start a groundswell damnit! I want to feel the earth move, tremor from our stampeding feet!

How do we make this front-of-mind for each of us EVERY day?

A salute to Summer, the Sun, the Earth

  THIS POST HAS BEEN MODIFIED. THE EVENT HAS CHANGED. PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES. AND PLEASE STILL PLAN TO COME TO CLASS! Join Just B at Hilltop Yoga for a special practice June 21, 7:30 p.m. Old Town (Just B, instructor) SALUTE TO SOLSTICE   June 21 is the summer solstice – when

Just B Yoga’s own website

Welcome to the new home of the Just B blog and all things Just B Yoga. Some of you are return readers and I appreciate you SO much. Others are just finding the site. Maybe you’re looking for yoga in Lansing? Or you’re seeking a presenter for a program at a school or organization? Maybe

Just B even more inspirational

I met and befriended some great people at Kulae – they make biodegradable yoga mats that don’t weigh a ton and won’t break the bank. The Kulae peeps started hanging with lots of our peeps and before you knew it we looked like a clan (but aren’t we all anyway?)

Just B spiritually activated

As promised, here are some audio and video clips from this weekend’s 11th annual MidWest Yoga Conference outside of Chicago. There was plenty of asana but that was the smallest part of it. We shared our humanity and reaffirmed our need to take our practice off the mat and into action. Check out what Julia Butterfly Hill, Seane Corn and Saul David Raye had to say.

Friends, spirit, activism. Aaaah yoga.

I let out a sigh yesterday at the Midwest Yoga Conference. Yes, there’s clothes and mats and other products. There’s superstar yogis (Seane Corn, David Saul Raye, Jonny Kest).

Just B: Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day. Embrace each other and your connections. Celebrate your being together. Honor the lessons. Look hard and remember well for the journey is short.

Catching up with Just B, May 4

Well, Mother Nature had another idea about the April 24 Earth Day Lansing event. It was cold and wet but Yoga Lansing for the Earth kept going. Yogis bundled up in fleece, socks and other layers. We practiced smile-asana and had fun.

Just B’s Earth Day letter

Dear Earth, Forgive us. Be patient as we heal ourselves in order to heal you. May you get well and be well.

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