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Updating on life

I cried as I posted news about Haiti on our news web site. Please follow my friend John Torres, a reporter who is in Haiti. He’s posting on Twitter.

Creactivist Change Agents

The Double Dutch poets Kirsten van den Hul a.k.a. The Change Agent and Najiba Abdellaoui are yogis, truly.

Annie Leonard friended me!

On the link to Story of Stuff I say the movie is the reason I got rid of my car and that I now live in a box. OK, I don’t live in box, I live in an 868 sq. foot loft in Old Town, downsized from a four-bedroom house. And I did donate my Isuzu Trooper to the VOA after downsizing from three vehicles to one. Now Annie Leonard, the face behind the movie has friended me on Facebook! What to ask her?

Cats United for Tiki Cat 2009

Cats the world over protest and riot in reaction to news there will be no more Tiki Cat cat food. Write your pet store owner, legislator, astronaut. Join the Facebook fan page. If you’re not a part of the solution you ARE the problem.

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