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Yoga Lansing for the Earth, April 24

Several yogis around Lansing will work together on April 24 to teach yoga at the Capitol steps for Lansing’s Family Eco Fest, an Earth Day Lansing event. We’re calling it Yoga Lansing for the Earth. By honoring our planet we honor ourselves. Take a moment to reflect on your yoga practice and your daily activities and their impacts on the earth.

A whiskey shot drinking contest for breast cancer?

Let’s cure breast cancer with an event that encourages drinking shots of whiskey? Apparently Lansing has voted and breasts outrank livers in the bodypart poll. We must be making the choice to support this event based on our eyes finding breasts more visually appealing than livers.

Why teach yoga for free?

Yoga has inspired me to explore the definition of community and sangha, the foundation of my asana practice and the possibilities of my heart. Some popular yoga studios can leave you empty, confused and in doubt about the depth of yoga. Are you there for a posture contest? Is it supposed to be a popularity club or high school clique? The intentions of Patanjali’s sutras are lost in the chic sheen of fashionable yoga, tweety bodies and trendy accessories.

Just B informed, April 5

We practiced mysore at our own pace at 6 a.m. this morning. No chatting. No instructions. Just a room full of breath.
Two people practicing in silence at sunrise is a big step toward cultivating my home practice.

New things, new day, new possibilities

Just B Yoga. Open community yoga is going to start on April 14. Please spread the word. Yoga is an amazing practice that can help bring healing and healthy living to Lansing.

Yoga mat donations needed

Please consider donating your yoga mats to Just B Yoga and help a community find moksha (liberation) and sukha (joy) through this healing practice.

Hey Lansing! Just B the E

EarthDayLansing will bring cool events for Earth Day (April 22) to Lansing (concerts, gallery walks, festivals) and it’s part of a bigger effort around the country. Hungry for more I reached out to Erin Slayter one of the coordinators of Earth Day Lansing, with her husband Ben. “Be the E is a call to action that evokes Gandhi’s plea to ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’

Be informed today, March 25

I am sad to find out the Fresh Lake Whitefish Company will not be returning to the Lansing City Market.

Yoga by any means necessary

Malcolm X dared us to think and behave differently, defiantly and yet honorably. Malcolm’s self exploration was so public and noble. Malcolm’s evolution as a spirit is inspiring to me to this day.
I am honored and blessed for this opportunity to share yoga with my community in Malcolm X’s name.

Donate to Just B Yoga

Our studio exists because of donations and support from the community. We believe yoga should be affordable and accessible to all. Please consider supporting our mission:

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