How to be black and healthy?

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The moderator called us a “dynamic duo.” I kind of smiled inside. Certainly my brother and I had illusions of animated cartoon grandeur when we were growing up; we were going to “take over the world!” But to be introduced that way in our first on-stage event of our lives […]

Gratitude is an action

Gratitude is an action

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(From Thanksgiving 2018) Gratitude is more than feeling fortunate. Feeling fortunate has been aligned with luck. Reveling in personal luck and abundance over others’ suffering and lack implies a right to an unearned privilege. I cannot celebrate my unearned privilege of fortune and be grateful I wasn’t in a wildfire, […]

Mindfulness tip? Start where you are

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“How do I turn my brain off?” This is a frequent question. “Will yoga teach me to turn off my mind?” The pace and pressure of modern American life is squeezing people into a corner where there’s nowhere to hide from the mind chatter. And most of the solace we […]

Just B Yoga apprentice, Kate Benson starts community outreach yoga in Grand Rapids

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(Inner voice asks) Have I always wanted to start a revolution? You betcha! And it’s true, I’ve had a hint of angst and sense of social justice from a young age. I can recall the chatter “that’s not fair” in my little 8-year old inner voice. Most of the time […]

Body positivity and yoga often gets ugly before it gets pretty

Body positivity and yoga often gets ugly before it gets pretty

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When I got a report that one of my teen yoga students had started an extreme starvation diet because she hated her body I knew it was time to jump into the deep end of the pool of body positivity with this group.   I pulled out some Jessamyn Stanley […]

Student profile: Betty Gauthier

Student profile: Betty Gauthier

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Name:  Betty Gauthier Pronoun:  She, her, hers When did you start coming to Just B Yoga? What attracted you?   Early 2017 I believe.  I greatly appreciated the diversity of the classes and the love and acceptance of all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity.  As a […]



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