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Coming to my mat while keeping vigil for my mum

In December 2012, my mum was diagnosed with lymphoma. Within a year, she was gone. She went through six months of hellish treatments and brutal infections. Then, confined to bed for the last four months, her physical body faded away. I had the gift of being with her for those last few months. With the

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Ferguson, Ebola and Yoga

Yesterday my brother Baratunde put out a call for ideas for next steps as a community in the wake of the deaths of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Mike Brown. I felt I should have had an idea or two immediately but nothing came. Instead a feeling of futility with a big heavy blanket of

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Saying goodbye to Bella

A sweet friend of mine passed away on Thanksgiving Day. Her name was Isabella Swanson. Everyone called her Bella. Bella was a curious and energetic 8-year-old. She loved cartoons, dolls, her best friend, Audrey, and poopy jokes. She loved to play imagination games and go to mystical and magical places in her mind.Because that’s where

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Well Being Gift Pack – a feel well, be well gift

This holiday season treat yourself or someone you love to a gift of feeling and being well. The Just B Yoga Well Being Gift Pack includes: * Red Cedar Birth and Botanicals artisan bath products: Brown sugar and vanilla body scrub, Sweet Spice Shampoo & body bar, Everything Nice body Butter * One month unlimited

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Big thanks for the little things

Today is intended for gratitude. I don’t want to go into the actual origins of the holiday. The intention of it is what matters. Gratefulness. We usually say we are grateful for the bounty of the year. We acknowledge abundance and plenitude. But gratitude and happiness aren’t reserved for the big stuff only. As we

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Just B Yoga starts Slow Burn Yoga with Eric Schaar

Just B Yoga is please to welcome our newest teacher, Eric Schaar and his new class, Slow Burn Yoga flow at 7 p.m. starting this Sunday (Oct. 19) Eric has been a friend and support of Just B Yoga and we’re honored to have his sweet spirit and lovely teaching style to our studio. Here

Just B Yoga job position: Operations Coordinator

Are you passionate about community? Do you want to help create something new? Do you have a knack for digital delivery? Just B Yoga is looking for an Operations Coordinator to help us grow. Whether it’s planning a special event like Yoga in the Outfield, or growing our well-established social media presence, Just B Yoga

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Saying goodbye to Gay

I’ll never forget the day he introduced himself. He knocked on the yoga studio door in a rather polite manner. “Hi, my name’s Gay. I’m not that way, it’s just my name. My name’s Gay. My twin brother’s name is Ray.” Meet Gay Powers, the 81-year-old gruff, abrasive and if anything colorful neighbor of Just

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Bringing home wellness to those who serve the homeless

The room was teeming with people sharing what they did for a living. Some worked for the state housing department, PATH or  for nonprofits like the Salvation Army. All of them in some way try to help solve the homeless condition for tens of thousands of people in Michigan. And all of them were stressed.

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What’s “the face” of loving yourself?

Our very own Emily Dryzga is a finalist in a local contest “The Face.” It’s a casting call for a lingerie photo shoot for Curvaceous Lingerie, a shop in Old Town for all body sizes. They were asked to share one piece of advice to women about learning to love themselves. All of their answers

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Will you accept our Michigan #Yogachallenge?

This weekend I issued a Michigan #Yogachallenge at the Michigan Yoga Fest at Song of the Morning Ranch. It was one that had nothing to do with selfies or 30-day anything. It was a challenge to change. I shared the story of Just B Yoga and our model which is less aligned with yoga business

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From the student: When a study in root bites you in the foot

Ansel Courant is a dedicated tai chi student at Just B Yoga. He absorbed the Cheng Man-ch’ing short Yang form quickly and is committed to practice. He even took pictures of his practice while he was in Brazil last year. While we don’t see him as much around the studio because he’s busy working at

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