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Special live music class this Sunday with Jeremy Arndt

We’re in for a treat! Jeremy Arndt will be visiting Lansing this weekend and will play live for our Chakra Flow class on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Sign up for this class now! This is a regular donation class. Please consider donating more than the suggested donation of $8 per class to help the musician

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Yoga Tip: Kaki Breath by Tara Scott

Kaki (Beak) Breath ~ A Delightfully Simple Cooling + Calming Breath I have found this breathing technique to be one of the simplest to teach, learn, and, most important, to make a regular part of my practice.  I use it to cool down my body when I’m running or practicing an energizing yoga sequence, to

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Just B Yoga at the Mateen Cleaves basketball camp

Just B Yoga shared yoga poses with teens in the Mateen Cleaves 1 Goal 1 Passion Basketball camp in Lansing. We are honored to join with Mateen to offer healthy activities for our youths, sharing health and fitness lifestyle tips and offering them opportunities to see positive role models. The camp invites community members to

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Did Ganesh steal my keys to teach me a lesson?

I can misplace my keys now and again. It usually amounts to a few minutes of rummaging or dumping of the purse, shuffling about papers on a desk or feeling in the crevices of a chair. Monday night my search turned into a hunt and eventually an admission that they just were gone. Ganesha is

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Yoga Tip: Exploring and strengthening your root (pelvic floor)

Get a lock so you don’t leak. If you frequent Just B Yoga Studio around 6 p.m. on any given Tuesday, then you have heard and probably exercised your pelvic floor as it’s a hot topic of conversation in our Open Heart Yoga class. Here is why… Many people, both men and women, have some

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Let’s create a Sustainable YogaCulture

What’s possible when we elevate the vision of yoga beyond asana outside of the studio doors? Where do you see your yoga signature in your city or town? What is yoga’s duty to community? (I will be presenting on this topic at a workshop at the Michigan YogaFest at the end of this month. I

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How much does your yoga teacher get paid?

Is your yoga teacher making ends meet or meeting the end? Making money in today’s economy is rough, especially in the Midwest, especially in Lansing. It almost doesn’t matter what your job is. Getting a fair wage for good, honest work is hard. Yoga is no exception, in fact it might be harder. As a

House for rent in REO Town near Just B Yoga

Beautifully restored Victorian duplex for rent at 133 Woodlawn in ReoTown, Lansing. Just one block from Moores Park, Riverwalk and Just B Yoga. Spacious 3+ bedroom, wood floors, open staircase, claw footed tub. Small fenced back yard. Cats allowed and might consider a dog (no pet fee). $750.00, month to month rental agreement. Join the

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Teacher workshop: Yoga and pregancy, July 26

What to Expect when Your Yoga Student is Expecting July 26, 1 – 3 p.m. $30 SIGN UP HERE Yoga is frequently recommended as a form of exercise for pregnant women.  While many women may choose to begin a prenatal yoga class, some women, who already have a yoga practice and attend a class regularly,

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Photos: Yoga at Green Eagle Farm by Brigid Ashley-Grose

Brigid is a talented teenage photographer. She is also the daughter of Steve and Angela Ashley, owners of Green Eagle Farm. Here are some photos she took during our 108 Sun Salutations at their farm last weekend. Her eye on the world is unfiltered and imaginative. Enjoy!

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Just B Yoga solstice on the farm

Sunday we celebrated the solstice with a special yoga class and sweat lodge at Green Eagle Farm, an organic and sustainable farm in Onondaga. There is something deeply spiritual about practicing outdoors. We were honored to be allowed o do it in such a natural, nearly wild environment. We got to see the sky, uninhibited

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Body-image, beauty & bravery: A Just B Yoga photo shoot

For many of us being in front of a camera  – much less doing yoga! – conjures feelings of dread and even disdain. We don’t feel the camera flatters us. We are afraid to see our bodies. We are afraid of judgment. Last weekend several Just B Yoga students took a brave leap to be

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