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Meet the youngest Just B Yogi

Meet Aurora. Aurora joined our community free yoga class Wednesday night. She came prepared, like any good yogini. She rolled out her yoga mat, complete with unicorn, Barbie and Teddy bear. Her mat has an instruction guide on it in case she forgets her postures. She also brought books with her, in case she needed

TGIF. What’s for lunch? Yoga!

Welcome to the first day of our lunchtime yoga class. Take a break in the middle of your week to get a smooth flow going, erasing the stresses of Snowpocalypse, snow days from school, shoveling and getting to work in hazardous conditions. Join us for this one-hour class with  Monica. She’ll give you the destressing

A day of birth, a day of growth

UPDATED BLOG POST AT BOTTOM Go Shorty, it’s your birthday! Belinda’s 4th birthday party with her Ma and her cake!Belinda at her 4th birthday party with a jumper crocheted by her Ma.Happy day of birth to me. Birthdays are celebrations of life, the life giver and the person born. So, to my Ma I say

Why vote for Just B Yoga in the Top of the Town Awards?

I decided to poke around in the Top of the Town online contest held by the City Pulse to see if Just B was even a selection on any categories and Lo and Behold!

There we are under Best Services: Fitness/Health

Do I think Just B offers better fitness than some of the more established facilities listed there? No.

Do I respect and participate in activities in several of them like Hilltop Yoga and River View Fitness? Yep.

So why vote for Just B Yoga?


Parking, lunchtime and packing the house at Just B Yoga

We are honored to have wonderful neighbors in REO Town. For weekend and evening classes we can park at a parking lot on S. Washington near the RR Tracks. I hope the map below makes it clear where the studio and the parking is. During the Monday daytime class please use street parking. LUNCHTIME YOGA!!

Urgent news about parking at Just B Yoga

Dear students, As of today we are no longer allowed to park at 1375 S. Washington. Please DO NOT PARK THERE. I am making arrangements to lease space from Quality Dairy for their lot on Washington, just north of the studio. It’s the lot with the mural on it. We have unofficial permission from a

The Lowdown on Just B Yoga

Here it is! Just B Yoga & Tai Chi is featured in this week’s Lansing Lowdown, produced by LCC TV. Nicole features it as healthy resolution locations you can’t afford to miss! I think that’s cute. Healthy living should be accessible to all of us. Healthy mind, body and spirit. I’m so grateful for everyone

Things are getting better all the time

A Just B first

We had a record-breaking class at the Wednesday night free yoga class. We had 22 students in the studio for the class, at least four new faces.

We actually had to turn away two or three new students because there was no more room! I’m so sorry to them. Please come back and come early!

Amazing energy in the room. Lots of fun even though it was tight! 

A Canada goose plot? Takeover? Invasion?

This definitely seems like a LOT of geese. Are they plotting a takeover? They seem to be assembling large numbers. Is an invasion imminent? A precursor to a Canada geese Kamakazi die-off like the blackbirds down south and now the crabs?


2011: Breathe deeply, walk lightly, less is more

We want to reach out further into Lansing neighborhoods extending the message to more folks that we truly mean it – pay what you can, it doesn’t matter, but come and do something good for yourselves!

Now set the list of “dones and wanna-dos” aside. Because the real story is inside the spirits of the people who’ve connected through their yoga and tai chi practices.

Just B classes/events

SCHEDULE UPDATED March 8, 2011   __________SATURDAY______________                              TIME                       CLASS                                          TEACHER         11 a.m.                    Empower yoga (90 mins)                     B 2 p.m                       Salsa dancing                                  Danielle

Yoga is for every “body”

“Intimidated by the thought of doing yoga surrounded by skinny flexible people? Join me for Yoga XL. This class is designed for people who are or feel that they are Large, XL or XXL.

Donate to Just B Yoga

Our studio exists because of donations and support from the community. We believe yoga should be affordable and accessible to all. Please consider supporting our mission:

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