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Yoga “No Fools” Month at Just B Yoga

Welcome to April and Spring Fever. Why not celebrate by getting on your mat and bringing a friend. In honor of April, we are celebrating with Yoga “No Fools” Month. The student who refers the most new friends to the studio will win a free unlimited month of yoga at Just B Yoga! So fool

Musicians answer the yoga call in Lansing

This yoga is awe-inspiring. What started as a potentially negative thing has turned into a musical movement, a community-building spark, an innovation motivation. Since writing last week that we would no longer play popular music because ASCAP wants us to pay licensing fees, we’ve been contacted by quite a few musicians and supporters. Yoga connects

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Fundraiser yoga class to help yoga teachers skydive for sex abuse survivors

Yesterday I taught my first yoga class for teen survivors of childhood sexual trauma through the Free Being Yoga Network. I had only recently become public about my own experience as a child, being molested and penetrated by my mother’s boyfriend. The class was powerful toward confronting fear and shame, for them and myself. We

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Lansing yoga nonprofit to teach yoga to teen survivors of sexual trauma

Our nonprofit sister, Free Being Yoga Network, is beginning programming tomorrow with the Firecracker Foundation to teach yoga to teen survivors of sexual trauma. This will be a weekly class for survivors 13 and older. When I began Just B Yoga four years ago it was with the hope to explore the benefits yoga could

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Support WKAR and receive a discount at Just B Yoga

Tomorrow WKAR will hold a one-day fund drive. Just B Yoga wants you to support them and in turn support us! Your membership with WKAR will give you discounts to local businesses and services including Just B Yoga! Our monthly unlimited “Warrior” package is only $64, a 20% discount from our $80 rate. By supporting

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Yoga with your dog, a relaxing play session with your best friend

This Saturday I will begin a new Doga (yoga with your dog) series at Annabelle’s Pet Station. I feel honored to work with Annabelle’s and to share this amazing practice with owners and their canine friends. So far we have all kinds of breeds and ages coming – German Shepherd, Dobermans, mini Pinscher (tripod dog!),

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Why I teach yoga to heavy people

I am five foot tall and about 125 pounds and I teach yoga to heavy and round people. I see myself as a heavy and round person. I don’t know if I ever won’t.      Positive body image and balance are a daily practice. When I step up to Warrrior 1 on my yoga mat, I

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Who goes to donation-based yoga?

Who goes to Just B Yoga, Lansing’s donation-based yoga studio? The typical Just B Yoga student makes between $30,000 and $60,000, lives in Lansing, has at least a bachelors and if they’re a student now are likely working on a doctoral degree. They’re “queer, female-ish, transgendered and hetero.” They’re “mixed, biracial, white as shit, human.”

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Just B Black History: Shaw Junior High School

I’ve decided this Black History Month to explore and honor my personal black history, as an extension of my mindfulness practice. I want my commemoration this month to be more than documentaries about key figures and moments in history chronicling slavery and the struggle for human rights. I want to honor those in my family

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Diversity, yoga, forgiveness and practice

I’m probably not going to be very popular here, but I really feel strongly about this and believe I have a different viewpoint to share. I created Just B Yoga as not only a donation-based yoga studio, but a space that was open and accessible to every body. That might be a lofty goal, but

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Top 5 Just B Yoga videos

Scrolling through our You Tube accounts I started looking up the videos with the greatest views. None of them are about how to do a yoga pose or how to sculpt your body. These videos spotlight community and transformation.  Thank you to everyone who’s a part of the Just B Yoga journey. It’s our collective

Donate to Just B Yoga

Our studio exists because of donations and support from the community. We believe yoga should be affordable and accessible to all. Please consider supporting our mission:

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